NIMO (Draft) mp3 by Ahad Azim

New project coming soon

~Devil In Disguise - Instrumental 

Classical by Ahad Azim from the album: Personal


After listening to a bunch of classical music at 1:00 am I decided to make an attempt at composing lol. So far all I’ve been able to do is put myself to sleep. 

Reblogging myself again… k

greenLight by Ahad Azim from the album: ExpireMental


The instrumental to one of my own songs. I’m posting it just for all tumblr people out there <3

I’ll actually be releasing the full version with vocals in the summer.

It’s called “greenLight” 

Something new for once.

A bit about the blog.

So I haven’t really had the time to update this constantly, but hopefully I will soon. Excited as hell to release some of my music for other people to hear! So far I only have one thing finished (That song that autoplays on my page) but more is coming soon!!!

And if you guys have any song suggestions or artist suggestions I’ll be glad to hear them! (You can reply to this or put something in my ask/submit) I’m always looking for new music. And tumblr is that amazing place to connect to people who listen to different things so why not ask my followers on here? :)


Julián on Flickr.


Julián on Flickr.